We envision a future where patients are diagnosed earlier, empowered to monitor themselves, and treatment plans are optimized.

We aim to improve the lives of patients all over the world.

At GLX Analytix, we combine a new, proprietary class of biomarker with AI to bring personalized medicine to your healthcare.

The blood vessels of your body are lined with a natural fuzz.

Winner of
Roche Startup Award,
Future X Healthcare

“…this approach has a clear potential to improve the lives of patients all over the world”

— Head of Provider Insights, Information Soltuions, Tim M. Jaeger. Roche

Understanding the GLX principle

“Let me explain”

A quick guided intro to how it works and the potential of our approach.


The current lack of biomarkers for chronic illnesses leaves patients and their care-providers in the dark when it comes to diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.

A tool that monitors disease, and predicts attacks, would reduce side effects, improve clinical outcomes and quality of life and be pivotal for testing and approval of new drugs.


We have discovered that an under-estimated and largely forgotten structure on the blood vessel wall, the glycocalyx, is cleaved off by immune cells in specific patterns before they invade the organ to cause harm. 

These patterns can be extracted and assembled from a blood sample, like a fingerprint for active disease.

We call this the GLX Signature


In Multiple Sclerosis, a devastating disease attacking the brain, an individual experiences symptoms and receives an MRI.  They don’t know if they’ll have relapsing attacks, progress to a wheelchair, or even have no symptoms for the rest of their life. An MRI can only follow brain damage after damage has occurred, and is extremely expensive.


The discovery of the GLX Signature can help. In practice it’s a composite biomarker of inter-related components of the GLX. From these patterns, we build the GLX Signature.

Since our GLX Signature reflects early disease activity, before damage has occurred in the brain, it can be implemented as a monitoring system, both for patient attacks and treatment effect. In some respects, like a blood MRI.

By monitoring this signature, diagnosis improves, and most exciting: attacks can be predicted and treatments monitored in better detail, improving health, and keeping people out of the hospital.

Right treatment, right person, right time

Personalised medicine means not just shifting through the medicine of the day, but also facilitating the discovery, development and market approval of new and better interventions, with less side-effects.

The GLX Technology

The glx signature

Our proprietary technology plucks glycocalyx components out from the blood and reassembles the signal through machine learning, producing a GLX fingerprint we call the GLX Signature

Since the GLX is the first interaction between the blood and the rest of the body, the GLX Signature allows for early diagnosis, before damage has occured. The GLX Signature doubles as a tool for monitoring flares, treatment response and triples as a companion diagnostic for disease-modifying treatments, accelerating time-to-market through earlier and better patient recruitment, and proof-of-effect, a so-called ‘efficacy test’. 

1. Self monitoring

Blood sample

2. GLX Detection

Plucks glycocalyx components out

3. Machine learning

Reassembles the signal through machine learning


We are collaborating with clinicians across over 10 different chronic inflammatory diseases

We are currently collaborating with clinicians across over 10 different chronic inflammatory diseases ranging from autoimmune to psychiatric to neurodegenerative disorders. Contact us below for more information on our progress and how our platform can create value for you.  

We welcome you to be a part of the GLX family.


Brian Della Valle, PhD
CEO and Founder
Brian is a neuroscientist with a flare for new, exciting and groundbreaking ideas. GLX ANALYTIX was born after a decade of cross talk with colleagues and a gradual eureka of sorts.
Christoffer K. Goth, PhD
Senior Glycobiologist
Christoffer is a glycobiologst specialised in glycocalyx shedding and detection. Chris will lead our assay development with a focus on scalability and support our IP strategy.
Mathias Lindh Jørgensen, PhD
Senior Scientist and Antibody Specialist
Mathias specialises in antibody design, production and affinity maturation using phage display. He is leads our assay dev and is tasked with producing superior antibody products for the GLX portfolio.
Hjalte Bøgehave
Data Scientist
Hjalte runs our machine learning / bioinformatics pipeline and backend visualisation dashboard.
Charity Kaphale Graae
Lab Technician
Charity has over 20yrs experience in hospitals and biotech and brings an experienced hand to our day-to-day.
Michele Colucci
Chair of the Board, VC Investor
Michele is the Chair of GLX Analytix and the Founder and CEO of Digital Dx Ventures, a Silicon Valley venture fund investing in the future of healthcare and the West Coast ambassador to the Nobel Laureate Foundation.
Charlotte Hybschmann Jacobsen
Charlotte’s collaborative nature as an investor supports our approach to tackling medicine’s biggest challenges.
Jørgen Rungby, PhD, MD
Clinical Advisor
Jørgen is our clinical advisor and bridges our lab work with clinic utility.