Four key people join the team

Antibody specialist, Mathias Lindh Jørgensen, joins the GLX family.

Biotech Fund Portfolio Manager, Peter Hildebrandt, joins as Chair of the Board.

Lab Technician, Charity Kaphale Graae, joins the GLX family.

Data Scientist, Hjalte Bøgehave, joins the GLX family.

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GLX Signature in Stroke

Published in AHA Journal ‘Stroke’, over 50% of the 10 GLX markers we measured were significantly increased in patients, with three having a so-called perfect ROC Curve.  The GLX Signature gets even more interesting when we feed signals into our deep-learning AI system.  

Hysbch Connect Investment Lands

Hybsch Connect Holdings invests into GLX Analytix to take the company off the ground. Indeed an exciting day for everyone involved!

GLX releases before symptoms appear

In preclinical Multiple Sclerosis, GLX markers are increased in the blood days before symptoms debuted. Immune cells may have removed the GLX before the entering the CNS, causing harm. Early diagnosis and prediction of autoimmune attacks may be possibly with GLX Signature monitoring.